Mr. D’Alessio has pioneered many changes in the telecommunications industry over the past four decades. As one of the senior leaders at Verizon and a member of Verizon's Management Committee, Fred has extensive executive experience across most aspects of the Industry.

Accomplishments include:

As President of Verizon's Advanced Services group, Fred led Verizon’s effort to be the first RBOC to enter the long distance market and launched Verizon's DSL and Broadband ISP businesses.

As Group President for Bell Atlantic's Consumer Business, Fred led an organization with $11 billion in revenues and over 40,000 employees responsible for all aspects of service provided to Residential customers. Fred was also responsible for the company's Branding and Advertising organizations.

He led Bell Atlantic’s Operations transition efforts for both the Nynex and GTE mergers. He identified synergies and best practices from the combined companies that improved the overall customer experience while saving millions of dollars.

Fred’s extensive knowledge of the telecommunications industry and his ability to visualize the impacts and benefits of new technologies has earned him numerous board appointments. He offers CMP clients the insight of how to effectively translate a new technology into a compelling value proposition for your customer. Fred earned BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Rutgers Business School.

D’Alessio has served on corporate boards in the US and Europe since retiring from Verizon. He is currently on the boards of Network Equipment Technologies and SS8 Networks. He has also been an industry advisor to Venture Capital and Private Equity technology firms.

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