Over the years, we’ve developed proven processes and procedures that often act as the starting point for solving client issues.  We know how to dig for the answers, analyze the data and develop workable solutions.  But that is often the beginning.  Ongoing measurement is critical for monitoring the health of your business.  Without it, you’d never know if you are on track to achieve your goals.  So from the start, every CMP program is defined with measurements for all of your processes.
  Network Equipment & Software Suppliers     Telecom Carriers, ISPs & CLECs
  Business Case Development & Business Advisory     Business Integration
Product Management   Accelerate and ensure successful sales cycles
  Operational Support System Development     Interim CXO Assignments
  OSS/BSS Expertise & Experience       New Technology Evaluation
        Operational Strategic Plans
  System Integrators       Venture Capital/Private Equity
  Carrier Operational Process Domain Expertise     Interim CXO
  Executive Level Program Management       Market Due Dillegence
  Accelerate and ensure successful sales cycles        
   • Information Systems planning & Managment          
Revenue & Billing Assurance
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