of ILEC Executive Experience

Brad Boehmler
Fred D'Alessio
Dave Douglas
Fred Rucker
Stu Verge
Ian Gerrard
Patricia Lanas
Jack Roepers
Rajiv Sharma
Harry Artz
Dave Torline
Quincy Smith
Tim Colas

CMP consists of a team of highly experienced Managing Partners plus an expanded team of experienced, results-oriented executives and technical professionals. All are uniquely qualified to provide the functional and industry expertise to address your specific needs. CMP can expand and contract quickly to achieve your toughest business objectives, on time and on budget.

Our Managing Partners are heavily involved in delivering the services we provide to each of our clients. We bring deep industry and functional expertise with substantial leadership experience and people skills. Collectively, we have hundreds of years of experience in building and leading businesses ranging from Fortune 100 to VC-funded start-ups.
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