“CMP has a high level of effectiveness with carriers specifically and the telecomm industry in general. This is due to the depth and breadth of the real world experiences they have had in various carrier organizations. They bring with them a quick grasp of technology and its application to the business of telecom. This has helped them to accurately position our products in the carrier marketplace.”

Dr. Aaron Bent -
Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, Continuum Photonics
Business Case Development
Product Management
Operational Support Systems

Having been on the buying side of the telecommunications industry, CMP executives can give you feedback on a broad variety of sales and marketing strategies and tactics. We can help you craft a compelling and targeted value proposition.  We regularly meet with the senior leadership in some of the largest telephone companies in the world.  This keeps us abreast of service provider perceptions and issues.  We also understand the benefits of applied technologies and can articulate the optimum mix of features needed in today’s complex communication environment.

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