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Interim CXO
It is a fact of life.  Executives will leave the firm.  The lead time for their departure is never enough. CMP offers an executive replacement program that allows your organization to move on without missing a beat.  CMP executives have been leaders in large corporations and small start ups, too. This experience allows us to jump in and effectively fill the voids until a permanent replacement is found.  We can quickly assess the situation, provide staff leadership, maintain the disciplined processes required in transitions and document the state of the organization for the transition to permanent leadership.

Market Due Diligence
  Customer Validation
  Market Size
As former ILEC, network and Internet executives, CMP team members have the experience and relationships. They are well-positioned to perform an objective and valuable assessment of a new technology and its market potential. CMP operatives are able to attain customer feedback and outline potential objections and roadblocks, quickly.
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