To guide, assist and provide open, honest feedback to our clients and affiliates. Our firm is built upon six core ideas:

1. Listening to our clients’ needs and addressing the highest priority issues first.

2. Helping our clients reach maximum financial value and profitability – looking for efficiencies as well as top line sales growth.

3. Looking across all functions and constituencies when developing recommendations.

4. Delivering direct, well thought-out recommendations.

5. Using industry and functional expertise to identify new opportunities and innovative partnerships/alliances for our clients.

6. Setting high standards for delivery and then exceeding them.

Capitol Management Partners has the business experience to move your organization in the right direction. We can help you capture opportunities, assess trade offs and make the right decisions. After all, we’ve been CEOs, Presidents and VPs at some of the world’s most progressive communications and technology companies.

Our clients initially come to us for our deep industry knowledge and senior leadership experience. We drive results while exceeding expectations. We jump in, roll up our sleeves, and quickly develop action plans. Most importantly, the business relationship continues because we earn the respect of our client organizations from day one.

The CMP team offers proven leadership, relevant expertise, and people skills earned from years of experience in all facets of the industry.

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"The Roadmap" to business success